A contestant and supporter of Ink & Insights once said, “The transparency the contest provides in the feedback and scoring is by far its greatest strength, as well as its greatest challenge.”

Unlike with other writing contests, the contestants of Ink & Insights see everything — Not only the judges’ comments about their story, but every aspect of the score that goes into their total.

This unfortunately also includes the contradictions.

As much as we try to standardize the scoring process, there will still be times when the judges’ scores will not match up in a tidy little grouping. Four different people read each submission, each bringing their own education levels, backgrounds, and experiences to the table, and sometimes, they don’t agree.

Because this can be confusing for the writer who isn’t sure how to use the feedback they receive when the scores vary, Ink & Insights judges have decided to offer their thoughts on why this happens for all the writers out there who may be scratching their heads.

Because so many of the judges want to write about this, we have decided to make it a blog series, giving each judge his/her own post to give their thoughts. Some of the contributors have judged the contest for many years, others are new.

We hope you enjoy this series and subscribe to this blog to see other blogs our judges write. 

Ink & Insights blog series: “Why are my scores so different?” — Jake’s thoughts

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